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my_imperfection's Journal

My Imperfection
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Addictions & Imperfections:

Do you have an addiction/imperfection?
Be it something you deem positive or negative and would like to talk about it or get some advice from others who might be going through the same?

This journal's purpose is for those who are struggling with life and have fallen into depending on some kind of addiction to keep them going.

Do you want to quit?
Do you need support?
Do you need advice?
Do you need a helping hand, someone to listen to you?
Or perhaps give your support/advice/help to another?

If you do then you should try letting go some of your thoughts & emotions here.
Be it through writing, art or any other ways you can find to express yourself.

There is no bashing or rude comments welcomed.
If I see someone abusing another person they will be kick out of this community.

This community is to help people grow and maybe find some better ways to cope with the issues someone might be dealing with.
Some issues you might find difficult to talk to with anyone else.

It's mainly a support group.
This community is open to discuss any topic as long as its somewhat linked to the true meaning of what this community is about.

If you post a large photo or more than one photo please use lj-cut. If you do not know how to use it..
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This is a list of main topics that will be discussed here:

[]Abusive Behavior [Physical, Verbal]
[]Alcohol Abuse
[]Anxiety/Panic Attacks/Paranoia
[]Drug Abuse
[]Emotional Breakdowns
[]Erratic Moods/Mood Swings
[]Gender Issues
[]Hate/Self Loathing
[]Insecurity/Self Doubt
[]Isolation/Detached/Alone/Out Of Place/Disconnected
[]Lack Of Control/Hopelessness
[]Lack Of Trust
[]Mutilation/Harming Ones Self [cutting, burning, etc.]
[]Numb/Pretending Happiness/Lifeless
[]Obsessive/Compulsive Behaviors
[]Physical & Mental illness
[]Psychiatric wards/Mental institutions/Hospitals
[]Relationships [significant other, friends, family, etc.]
[]Self Esteem
[]Sexual Abuse/Molestation/Rape
[]Sexuality/Sexual Preference

Again I cant stress this enough... Respecting one another is a must.

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